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IAT’s Ultimate Guide To The Northern Territory

As the name would suggest, Australia’s Northern Territory (NT for short) sits north and centre of the country. It’s sparsely populated, despite its large size (the third-largest state, to be precise). However, a low population doesn’t mean that there isn’t loads to do! NT contains world-famous wilderness, like Kakadu National Park, as well as urban… Read more »

IAT’s Ultimate Guide To South Australia

From exploring sweeping vistas in national parks, to swimming with some of the world’s most dangerous predators, to sipping wine in an artisan winery, South Australia has something for everyone. Get a head start on planning your trip and check out what to see and where to go with this ultimate guide to South Australia…. Read more »

IAT’s Ultimate Guide To Western Australia

When many people think of Australia, they think of the vast open plains of the outback and wildlife that’s out of this world. And that pretty much describes Western Australia. There’s so much to explore, from the major city of Perth to world-class beaches to vast national parks! Discover what to see and where to… Read more »

IAT’s Ultimate Guide To NSW

New South Wales is one of Australia’s most icon-rich states; housing a plethora of national treasures including – but certainly not limited to – Sydney Opera House, Byron Bay, and Sydney Harbour Bridge. Our Ultimate Guide To NSW will help you plan what to see and do to make the most of your trip to… Read more »

IAT’s Ultimate Guide To Victoria

It may be the smallest state in mainland Australia, but Victoria certainly packs a wallop when it comes to things to do and see. From a foodie binge in the country’s second-largest city to hiking multi-day trails in the Grampians or sipping wine in the upper headwaters of the Yarra Valley, there’s something for everyone… Read more »

IAT’s Ultimate Guide To Queensland

When planning your trip to Queensland’s sunny shores, you’re bound to have a near-endless list of activities and attractions to fit into your itinerary so it’s crucial to map out your route ahead of time. To help you create the perfect plan for your dream getaway we’ve put together our complete guide to Queensland, including… Read more »

IAT’s Ultimate Guide To Tasmania

As Australia’s sole remote island-state, Tasmania is the perfect place to get away from it all. Whether you want to take in the modern art galleries in Tasmania’s capital city of Hobart, sunbathe on white sand beaches, sample fresh fruits and vegetables at a bustling market, or enjoy wildlife parks across the state, Tasmania is… Read more »

IAT’s Ultimate Guide to Visiting Uluru

If you’re looking for somewhere to travel that has breathtaking natural beauty and once-in-a-lifetime adventure opportunities, you should consider Australia’s spiritual heart of Uluru (Ayers Rock). Whether you venture off to explore the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park on your own, or you decide to take advantage of an organised tour, our guide will ensure that… Read more »

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Trip To The Great Barrier Reef

Is visiting one of the greatest natural wonders of the world on your bucket list? Good. It should be. The Great Barrier Reef is considered to be the largest living thing on Earth, spanning over 2,300 km and made up of more than 600 types of hard and soft coral. This incredible structure is home… Read more »

7 Essential Items You Need To Pack When Travelling To Australia

You’ve booked your holiday, all your papers are in order and you’re ready to fly to Australia for the adventure of a lifetime. But before you can head off to the land down under, you need to pack. So, what are you going to take?     It’s always a little tricky to know exactly… Read more »

Australia’s Weather By Region: The Best Times To Visit

  So, you’ve decided to travel to Australia? Fantastic! You’ll be treated to some of the most beautiful scenery in the world in a country where an easy-going, welcoming attitude infuses every aspect of life. As seasons are turned on their head Down Under, many living in the Northern Hemisphere have asked themselves the question… Read more »

5 Awesome Day Trips from Melbourne

One of the real benefits of visiting Victoria is that there’s a lot packed into a small space (comparatively speaking anyway – let’s be honest, Australia isn’t small by any stretch). You can reach several beautiful destinations only a few hours from Melbourne, so we thought it we’d share some potential day trip destinations well… Read more »

Lady Elliot Island – A Wildlife Haven

We recently had the opportunity to visit the unique and very interesting coral cay of Lady Elliot island.  The island surprised me, mostly because of it’s rugged wildness, but also by the spectacular number of bird and sea life on the island. The huge number of birds made for a deafening welcome as we stepped… Read more »

10 Things to do in Melbourne City

  If you’re planning a visit to Melbourne, and don’t know where to start here are ten things you can see that are a stone’s throw (and a tram ride) away from the very heart of Melbourne.   Catch a Free Tram This little tip will help make your visit to Melbourne so much easier,… Read more »

3 Days in Sydney

Sydney is a must when visiting Australia, there is so much to see and do. But, where do you start? Most people start with the Harbour Bridge and The Opera House. Realistically, you can do a good chunk of Sydney in a few days. Travel in and around the city is easy and very affordable!… Read more »

5 Top Things to Do in the Whitsundays

  The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland is on most peoples’ Bucket List. It was always on my bucket list and now one of my most memorable experiences to date.  Here are my top 5 things to do when you visit Hamilton Island on the Whitsundays. Snorkel or Scuba Dive the Great Barrier Reef Regardless… Read more »

Sydney or Melbourne?

If you’ve made the decision to visit one capital city in Australia, the most obvious question to pass your lips will be, Sydney or Melbourne? With similar populations (5 & 4.7m respectively) it seems like even Australians are split on the decision.   Sightseeing and Entertainment Melbourne and Sydney are beautiful cities, but when we… Read more »