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Visiting Australia: 4 Reasons Why You Should Go With An Aussie Travel Agent

Planning a trip to Australia? You’re in for the experience of a lifetime! In order to make sure that you’re creating truly unforgettable travel plans, our advice is to go with an Aussie travel agent. Of course, any travel agent can help you book tickets and hotel rooms, but only an Aussie agent can provide you with all of the local info required to create a truly authentic Australian experience.

Below are our four major reasons why you should book your trip down under with an Aussie-based travel agent!


1. They Have Local Knowledge And Share A Local Time Zone

Without having been to Australia it can be difficult to wrap your head around just how big this country is (for some sense of scope, Australia is bigger than both the UK and Europe combined!). Even if you have have a good idea of all the areas you’d like to visit, it can be quite a challenge for a non-Aussie agent to fit all your activities into a time-efficient schedule.

As Australian travel agents handle these kind of trips everyday, they’ll know the best routes for you to take (be it driving or flying) to cut back on travel time in order to maximise leisure and adventure. They have the local knowledge required to put together amazing itineraries with a good pace so that customers can go home with fantastic memories of Australia and not completely exhausted.

Additionally, as local agents will be sharing your time zone when you’re actually on the trip (or within 2-3 hours), they’ll be better equipped to handle real-time questions, requests and additional bookings as well as be on hand if you need them for any potential troubleshooting.


2. They Can Offer Personal Recommendations

If you hate tourist traps, you’re probably more likely to sign up for a trip that provides you with authentic experiences. Travel agents outside Australia are more likely to give you names of tourist attractions and hotspots that don’t really offer a true taste of the country, as they don’t have that all-important insider information. Aussie agents will know exactly which recommendations to give you for sights to see that only the locals know about.

Want to enjoy some authentic Australian cuisine? An Aussie agent will be able to provide you with a list of their favourite restaurants, catered more towards locals than tourists. Using an Aussie agent’s personal recommendations will mean your trip will take you further off the beaten tourist path than a more typical itinerary.


Inside Australia Travel - map of Australia

Australia is HUGE – unless you go with an agent who knows the country you could end up spending more time in transit than exploring and relaxing.


3. They Can Create The Perfect Personalised Itinerary

A good Aussie travel agent will help you plan every aspect of your trip to Australia, down to what essentials you should pack. Because they’re familiar with the country and proud of their homeland, they’re more capable of creating itineraries filled with well-planned activities and tours. At Inside Australia Travel, we often put in extra effort to assemble itineraries that are designed specifically for each traveller. That means we include enough activities to fulfil your wanderlust but not too many that you’ll be exhausted every day.

Plus, Aussie agents like us can specifically tailor your itinerary to include only the activities that you’re interested in (whether that’s exploring the Great Barrier Reef or checking out the hottest restaurants in Sydney). Forget the days of trudging along with a boring, preset schedule that’s made for all tourists – local agents can help you explore authentic Australia by viewing the sights only the locals would recommend with an itinerary that works for you!


4. They Are Proud Of Their Homeland And Want To Show It Off

Travel agents from other countries won’t be able to provide the same insights into Australian customs and traditions as Aussie agents can. Local travel agents can offer authentic views of everything from Australian nature and wildlife to trendy shopping districts and where to find the best nightlife. There’s something for everyone in Australia, and Aussie agents can help you find whatever fits your need for a truly authentic experience while travelling the country.

Because Aussie agents are proud of their homeland and are excited to show it off, you can join in their excitement and view the very best of what the country has to offer through their eyes. Agents outside Australia just won’t be able to offer you the same insider perspective.


Booking with a ‘Tick Accredited’ business will mean that your trip is fully insured and protected.


Who Are We?

– Inside Australia Travel is ‘Tick Accredited’ with Quality Tourism Australia. This program ensures that we are able to meet certain criteria (which includes holding all required licences and business insurance in order to run a high-quality business).

– We’re registered with IATA (International Air Transport Association) as a domestic TIDS seller.

– We are a member of the ATEC (Australian Tourism Export Council), an industry body that represents Australia’s $40 billion tourism export sector. By working with large national and multinational companies as well as small and medium-sized enterprises the ATEC’s views are informed by the broadest cross-section of the Australian tourism industry.

– Trust is important to us, so we go out of our way to ensure that our customers’ information is always protected, with a third-party secure payment gateway. We don’t store any credit card details, so there’s no chance that our customers’ payment information can be breached.


A Quick Blow On Our Own Trumpet…

Why should you choose Inside Australia Travel? Simple. We’ve been doing this for over 10 years and our stream of delighted customers shows that we have the experience necessary to backup our claim that we’re the best there is.


One Last Note

When picking a travel agent, remember that it’s not always best to go with the very cheapest option (you’ll probably get what you pay for). Spending a little more with an experienced and well-run agency will ensure that you’ll be able to create the trip of a lifetime and picking an Aussie travel agent will ensure you’re getting an authentic view of Australia with the best local recommendations and tips.